This section is for all of the Sulphur Owners that have their Sulphur Horses out in the public eye showing off how wonderful these beautiful horses are.


Here is our newest addition to our Sulphurs in Action

Natalie Perry 1st time on Ben


Natalie & Ben at the County Park on the trail


Sulphurs Vaquero Gold SSHR #SS1192S

Owned by Vaquero Heritage Foundation


Owner is Roberta Lewis, rider Shaun Walker and the horse is Comanche Chief SSHR #SS1132G

Roberta said, "I adopted Chief in 2001. He was gentled and trained by my son, Shaun Walker, as a 4-H project (Shaun was 14 at the time). Chief has been shown in 4-H and has won several robbons.


Shaun has shown Chief in a Halter class he won 4th and 5th place. I think that is REALLY good considering we had NO IDEA what we were doing. There also were about 10 horses in each class. Shaun is now in the Air Force stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Chief is now being used as a Search & Rescue horse and is a member of the Miami Valley Search & Rescue Unit located in southwestern Ohio. Chief regularly participates in parades and other public functions. He loves being around people and has visited with 'Animal Care' students at our local vocational school."

Chief at Kentucky Horse Park 2006

"Chief is being ridden by a friend of ours Bob Ashbaugh"


Owner is Christy Myers and the horse is


Christy says "RIO is an awsome little horse, not a people lover, but willing & able to do most everything. We have won 13 - 1st place honors on him in many events; 

Team roping - Head or Heels

Break-a-way Roping




Cattle Sorting

Western Pleasure

He's a great trail horse, as he was a 4 year old stallion when we adopted him. We still do a little team roping on him but mostly I feel he has earned his place with our Quarterhorses & a take - it - easy life.

He's the best babysitter for my weanlings each fall. He's a great "Uncle RIO" 


Owner - Thelma Mannisto and the horse is

 Mako Mi Hermano Pequeno SSHR #SA1203G

Thelma & Mako may be going out to local schools next spring with a 150 mile fund-raising ride. "Mako is a big hit with a lot of the local youth, he just loves the attention"