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For Sale - 2 Full Sulphur Mares, Broke to ride, price is negotiable- Call Naylene for more info - 435-590-2193


For Sale - Owner Dawn Simas - $1,900.00

530-305-1464 (email is preferable over phone tag)

4 year old gelding, born in a captive herd to BLM, registered with the Sulphur Springs Horse Registry #SS1229G ( He was never touched until I got him as a 3 year old stud. I had him castrated and gentled him last year (I have a ton of videos) and he went to nationally known Lauman Training in OR ( for 4 nearly months, January 4 through April 23 this year to be started under saddle for agreat foundation. He is very spanish looking, 14.1h, great bone, feet like iron. Primitive markings, barring all the way up his legs, wide dorsal stripe, wither stripes, cobwebbing on the forehead, and the only white is a perfect cross on his face. His name, therefore, is Cruz de Espana.
He looks gaited when he moves out, but I don't know anything about gaited horses. His lope is to die for. He's doing well at everything, but is green. Clean slate, good start, ready for a forever home. He looks like a little freisian, his mane goes on both sides of his neck. He's had his feet trimmed, loading in the trailer (backs out and goes in the slant load, I haven't tried a straight load as I don't have one), ties, been on trails on BLM land at Kitty Lauman's near Bend, OR, for 60 days, and does great. Very bold and solid at most things you'd expect a horse to be nervous about- dogs, cows, chainsaws, airbrakes, tractors, helicopters, Harleys, quads. He can still a bit jumpy at things now and then as he has a good sense of self preservation. But you can hold him up, he's not bucked or bolted.
I am selling my horses, trailer, saddle, all luxurys in this difficult time. I am working two jobs and haven't done a thing with Cruz since he came from the trainer. It's not fair to him, and I don't want him to get so rusty that he needs training again. At this point, I would suggest a forever home that wants to spend time getting to know him, doing his ground work, gaining his trust, bonding with him, then just a lot of wet saddle blankets and you will have a partner for life. These Sulphur horses are very desirable when rounded up, here's your chance to own one--started by Kitty Lauman no less. Just the perfect age to spend 25 years with him, but old enough to be riding right now. His price is less than the training alone, and Kitty has a long waiting list. Here is the add on Craigs List 


For Sale-  Owner Toni Chatwin -

colt has been gelded now so the sale price has gone up to $500.00


For Sale - Owner Duane White

Hey Folks it looks like the 2 foals, Destiny and Storm may be up for sale on a first come first served basis. I also have Palladin and Revival, 2 colts up for sale as well. Destiny is turning out to be almost a carbon copy of Wisp, her dam, and is oh so elegant and spanish looking. She would make a fantastic brood mare and riding partner and would be a cornerstione for your own breeding operation. She has both sire and dam's personalities and being a wonderful endurance mount is not out of her personality as well. IN Parelli terms she is a left brained intro/extrovert and I believe is destined to be a lead mare, a leader and best friend! Storm hit the ground proclaiming he is a stud colt and has never wavored from that in presence or body or heart. He is what I would pick if I was starting over to start my Sulphur herd and so far his temperment is that of what a gelding is when he is loving on you and a stallion when he is showing off for you! Either way I can tell he will bond HARD with his new partner and in Parelli terms he is a left brained Intro/Extrovert as well. Palladin, yearling and Rev, weanling ane destined I believe to be wonderful gelding and riding horses. Both lean towards being that left brained introvert which is the perfect trail horse and if you are looking for a smaller 13.3 to 14hh partner then these are your guys! Pictures and video can be sent upon request. I can also work with an individuals situation for a good home.

Please email or call 608-482-0406. Nights work best, be prepared to leave a message and I will get back to you!  Thanks, Duane




    Outlaw Ranch Horses for Sale

For all horses below contact Naylene for more info      or

Home - 435-865-0454, Cell- 435-590-2193

2010 Zebra Dun Full Sulphur Stud colt - excellent markings

(no white markings) - $1,500.00   Sold



2007 Grulla Full Sulphur Stud colt - excellent markings    (no white markings) - $1,500.00 -  Sold


2005 Zebra Dun Full Sulphur Filly - good markings(snip, a few white hairs on forehead) - $1,500.00


2006 Grulla Full Sulphur Studcolt - good markings         (Star, Snip, hind boot) - $1,500.00


Sulphurs Wahkan Cheveyo  SSHR #SS1224S

2005 Silver Grulla Full Sulphur studcolt with excellent markings (he had grey/blue eyes when born) - distinct fishboning, shoulder and neck marks, excellent stripes on all legs, bi-coloring (star, strip, snip, hind boot, hind sock, front boot) - $3,500.00