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Outlaw Ranch & Photography - Registered Breeder

Naylene Nield             Cedar City, UT

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Sulphurs Outlaw SSHR #SS1167S  1998 Zebra Dun - No White  also registered in the Sorraia Mustang Studbook SMS #F 110-SS leg stripes front & back, shoulder& neck bars, bi-coloring, double mane, great confirmation and temperment that passes to his foals. Standing at Stud $350.00 live cover/ live foal guarantee / mare care at an additional negotiated fee.



Sulphurs Miakoda SSHR #SS1189S   1999 Grulla - snip, Left Rear boot, leg stripes- front & back, dorsal fishboning, shoulder & neck bars, cobwebbing, double mane, great confirmation, snip has passed to all foals so far. Standing at Stud $350.00 live cover/ live foal guarantee / mare care at an additional negotiated fee.


Prairie Winds Ranch - Registered Breeder

Ken & Tera Benefiel                 Burrton, Kansas

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Sulphurs Second Chance (Dusty) SSHR#SS1177S 

2003 Zebra Dun Stallion


Desert Duns Horse Ranch- Utah 

Sulphurs Prince - SSHR #SS1091S

Not currently being bred to outside mares.




Ginger Duns Ranch - Registered Breeder

Dean Jacobson 

For more information contact Dean at:

370 So. 3rd W. Rexburg, ID 83440



Vaquero Heritage Foundation

Sulphurs Santiago    SSHR#SS1165S

Sulphurs Vaquero Gold       SSHR #SS1192S


Vaquero Silver - Foal out of Santiago X Wildfire


Duane White

White Pines Spanish Mustang Ranch

Riscado - Full Sulphur Stallion-


Full Sulphur Stallion

Dragon    SSHR # SS1106S


Foal out of Dragon

Saphira  (as a yearling)